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Professor Alan Riley - Fellow


Professor Alan Riley is one of the leading competition law scholars in the United Kingdom. He chairs the Competition Law Scholars Forum . He has written widely on competition law issues in major law journals such as the International & Comparatively Law Quarterly, the European Law Review and the European Competition Law Review. His principal interests are in regulatory reform; effective enforcement of the competition rules against international price-fixing cartels and due process. Professor Riley has advised a wide range of British and European companies and governments in respect of competition law issues. Professor Riley's other major area of interest is energy law and policy, particularly EU energy market liberalisation, opening up of the EU and Russian gas markets and the supply security issues arising from the market dominance of Gazprom in certain EU Member States. Professor Riley has written extensively on energy security issues in academic journals and more widely. He is currently working on a book on EU energy security and liberalisation. Professor Riley writes regularly in the Wall Street Journal on energy and competition issues. He holds a PhD in competition law from the Europa Institute, Edinburgh University, is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales, a Associate Research Fellow of the Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels and is a Professor of Law at the City Law School, City University, London.