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Aspiration or Vocation? Qualifications young people should be proud of

...Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with going to university. Quite the contrary, as someone who went to University, I do not want to deny anyone the same opportunity. However, what about those people not offered any real choice about their futures? What about the young person who wants to go into further education or get an apprenticeship? Why should they feel that their qualification is socially any less worthy than a degree...

Bridging citizenship and consumerism: a solution for sustainability

Have policy-makers paid insufficient attention to the social dimensions of the ‘triad’ of issues – poverty reduction, equity, and justice – that define sustainable development? How can we achieve the balance we need between the economic, ecological and social aspects of sustainability? And how best should we tackle the ‘double injustice’ – where those who are least responsible for climate change worldwide stand to be worst affected by its impacts – while achieving the ‘double dividend’: helping the environment without harming the economy...

Mass Ownership: From Brazil to Belfast

...There is a growing sense that, given the acute inequalities that markets are now generating, getting the economy restarted (the Treasury focus not unreasonably at present) is only half the story. If you restart the same economy, you get the same problems, as night follows day. A second central economic policy issue is therefore how to widen the distribution of ownership and prosperity. It is what I call an agenda of creating mass ownership...

A Guide to the Reform of the House of Lords

The composition of the upper house of Parliament has been under question for some time and yet still the question has not been answered. There have been piecemeal reforms, such as the passing of the two Parliament Acts, the introduction of Life Peers and the removal of the vast majority of hereditary peers, but still the questions are asked. The Coalition Government has now published a draft House of Lords Reform Bill...

A deeper rethinking

I do have to pinch myself that party leaders are now wanting to debate the future of capitalism. All power to ResPublica among others I guess for arguing that it is not just policy we need, but a deeper rethinking on policy and society...

2012 and Beyond: Black and blue and red all over?

...What do we know about the interrelationship between private individuals and businesses (competing to create financial wealth) with public bodies (which command or control resources to create public goods and services) and with the groups, charities, trusts and associations (which co-operate to make the UK a more socially or environmentally rich place to live)? What are the positive and negative economic dynamics between (again, crudely) liberté, egalité and fraternité?......

Celebrating The New - Not Seeing Off The Old

nstead, we should take this opportunity to consider improvements where the provision or practice isn't good enough. Macmillan nurses, hospices and palliative care give the overwhelming majority in Britain a dignified death which does not involve commissioning doctors and nurses as patient killers. When the physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs of the patient are met, requests for euthanasia are actually extremely rare. Less than 1,000 people persistently ask for it. 95% of Palliative Medicine Specialists are opposed to a change in the law.

Conservatism, the Big Society, and Patriotism

The concept of patriotism and its role in fostering shared identity and values, has permeated the British political scene of late. From the rise of Nationalism in Scotland, to euro scepticism in England, to even the Labour Party’

ResPonses to the ICB

On the 19th December, George Osborne Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that the government will adopt the main proposals of the Independent Commission on Banking, chaired by Sir John Vickers. The ResPublica team have highlighted a few of what we believe to be the most interesting responses to the Chancellors Announcement so far

Mutualising the Post Office

...The key issues under discussion are whether a Post Office Mutual should operate with a mixed membership, reflecting its need to operate in the public interest, or purely on a model of the producer interests, of sub-postmasters, franchises and staff. And whether the Government should retain a long-term stake in the new organisation


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