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Time for a co-operative budget?

"... I would make it as easy to start a co-operative as any other form of business. There is an energetic renewal in the co-operative sector, with 4,992 co-operative businesses, £33.5 billion turnover and 12.9 million members. But there is an opportunity to do far more still ..."

Will Scouting survive?

"... Town Halls seem to have decided that raising the rent paid by local Scout Groups is a sensible way to address their budget problems. A survey that we conducted has revealed some truly shocking rises – with some groups facing rent rises of over £5,000 ..."

The Church, the Census and the Big Society

"... The issue is one of ‘toleration’ and inclusivity – principles that must of course guide the Big Society at every moment. The BHA mistakenly assumes that the disproportionate representation of religious belief in public institutions and initiatives creates a site for exclusion and privilege, rather than one of fairness and toleration. They are here approaching the concern as if dealing with a ‘market of beliefs’, in which the most popular belief system goes on to win the public purse. But markets don’t often capture value: only the results of choice ..."

The Big Society: The view from Dover

"... This community organisation is now fully fledged and has pledged itself to benefit the people and communities of Dover. It is owned by its membership and anyone in the district may become a member by buying a “Dovorian Bond” for £10. It has received backing from financial institutions to raise the money needed to pay a fair market value for the port of Dover and bring it, in perpetuity, into the ownership of the communities of Dover ..."

Shoplifting new ideas for transport

"... What about looking for inspiration from supermarkets and online retail stores? They have huge ‘demand management’ expertise. In particular, they completely understand their customers: they use loyalty cards, incentives and offers to encourage customers to let them have data about their lifestyles via their shopping habits and preferences ..."

Where have all the owners gone?

"... What does our economy look like now? There are hardly any owners. Capitalism has been good at producing capital and lousy at producing capitalists ..."

All. Together. Now.

"... All of these are examples of the power of collective action, the principle that together, we can achieve more. Of course, when discussing the impact of the internet on civil society, it is important to remember Amana's Law: We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run ..."

Allegory and effects of good and bad services

"... The recent welfare reform proposals include an announcement that people who fail to report a change in circumstances (which affects their benefit claim) will be fined £50. It is a shockingly statist policy, bullying the weak. It is entirely of the wrong philosophical direction ..."

Homo economicus in the Big Society

"... The Big Society is part of the attempt by Cameron to place social values into the centre of Conservative doctrine after decades of focus on economic individualism ..."

Trust matters

"... People are happier when they live, work and play among others whom they trust. When social time and trust are higher, positive emotions become more frequent, and negative ones less likely ..."


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Markets for the Many: Banks have a responsibility to lend to deprived communities

Peter Kelly, Business Development and Marketing Director at Unity Trust Bank, calls for a Community Reinvestment Act to drive much needed investment into under-served markets to promote enterprise, jobs and social cohesion.

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