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ResPublica Welcomes the Education Select Committee Report 'Great Teachers'

New report reflects ResPublica's key aims for educational success

ResPublica welcomes the launch of the Education Select Committee report, 'Great teachers: attracting, training and retaining the best', which makes a powerful case for making ‘the recruitment and development of the best teachers a top priority not just for the Education Department but for the Government overall.’

The report concludes an inquiry into retention, recruitment and training of teachers. One of its key findings is that the ongoing professional development for teachers has been neglected and the quality of teaching has suffered as a result. The report recommends radical reforms to the existing career structures for teachers. In the words of Graham Stuart, the Chairman of the committee: ‘It's crucial that we have an educational system which celebrates great teachers, keeps more of them in the classroom, supports their development and gives them greater status and reward.’

The question of how to establish a system that ‘celebrates’ great teachers is at the heart of ResPublica's forthcoming project 'Excellence in Teaching'. The objective of this research is to assess how training, professional progression and career structures for teachers can be improved in order to engage teachers as career-minded professionals with an aspiration to contribute to the nation’s educational success. The project's innovative angle is to critically explore the role of a teacher’s subject specialism as a factor determining their ability to perform to a high standard in the professional environment. We hope that the outcome of this project will present solutions that could radically improve the rates of teachers’ satisfaction and retention.

The project is still open to external engagement from third party organisations and ResPublica would like to establish a consortium of partners from the public, private and third sectors, who will feed in to our further research and debate in this area and benefit from co-branding on publications and events. If you would like further information, or to discuss partnering on this venture, please contact Patricia Kaszynska at

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Gravatar Joe 06 May 2012
What more could you ask from a Thinktank Patricia, than that they anticipate politicians.r/>r/>

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